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​Normal is Over The Movie, Episode 2. More solutions.

Normal is Over The Movie, Episode 2. "More solutions to reverse global ecological decline."

51 minutes: Both Episodes have been aired by NPO 2, Dutch TV in February 2021.

About the film:

Normal Is Over The Movie is an award-winning documentary about humanity's wisest response to climate change, species extinction, resource depletion, income inequality and the link between these issues. Covid_19 is also a symptom of ecosystem degradation, and relates to the story of global decline. This film is a globe trotting journey searching for SOLUTIONS by investigative TV journalist and one-woman-crew Renée Scheltema.

This film is offering a big-picture perspective of how these issues are connected.

PS: Please watch untill after the end-credits & see the Call to Action.


Filmmaker, Producer: Renée Scheltema, investigative TV journalist.

Audience: Wider audience appeal. Especially: Educated younger generation.

Donations: This is an independent, self financed film, suggested donations are welcome to either the filmmaker:

or the New Normal Foundation:


Dr. Vandana Shiva, Environmental activist.

Charles Eisenstein, Author, Speaker.

Kate Raworth, Doughnut Economics.

Lester Brown, Prof. Agricultural Economist.

Michael Mann, Distinguished Prof. Meteorology.

Naomi Oreskes, Prof. History of Science.

Paul Gilding, Author, Sustainability Consultant.

Al Gore, Former Vice President USA.

Bernard Lietaer, Prof. International Finance

Ta’Kayia Blaney, First Nations activist and many more.

Film Festivals:

- Grand Educational Award, Cine Eco Film Festival, Portugal

- Best in Show Award Cinema Verde Environmental Film Festival Florida

- Honorable Mention Award, Tasmanian Eco Film Festival.

- Official Selection Sonoma International Film Festival, California

- Official Selection Wild and Scenic Film Festival California

- Official Selection South Africa Eco Film Festival, Cape Town, South Africa

- Official Selection Princeton Independent Film Festival, USA

- Official Selection Green Motion Film Festival, Germany

- Official Selection Film festival Freiburg

-Official Selection Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival

- Official Selection Santa Cruz Film Festival, USA

- Official Selection International Environmental Film Festival, Spain.

- Official Selection IMFF Rostov, Russia.


An unusual, visually rich portrait of some of the world’s brightest and most innovative ideas.” - Daily Maverick

A beautifull job, with compelling voices..BRAVO!”. - Joanna Macy, Author, Buddhist scholar, Environmental activist.

“The only thing harder than making the changes explored in this film is the future we will face if we don’t make them." -Betsy Rosenberg, Author Huffington Post, Veteran CBS radio anchor

... "We need a major mobilization." - Al Gore, Former Vice President USA

Contact:[email protected]

The key to the future of the world is finding the optimistic stories and letting them be known.”- Pete Seeger

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